06 Juli, 2020 

10 Interesting Blockchain Startups In Europe In 2020

Blockchain technology is developing and provides more and more opportunities for users. New startups and projects on blockchain are emerging all over the world. Europe is one of the most “productive” regions in this regard, and in 2020 it presents a large number of worthy projects
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10 Interesting Blockchain Startups In Europe In 2020

Here is a list of blockchain projects that you should definitely watch out for in 2020. Some of them are not new to the crypto community, but they still have something to offer.

MMCrypto, Germany

A large community of analysts focused not only on Bitcoin but also on altcoins. They use an innovative methodology for price forecasting, which demonstrates incredibly accurate results.

Zelwin, Russia

An online space where members earn ZLW tokens through a loyalty program while shopping. The peculiarity of this project is that it gives an opportunity to earn money for all interested parties.

Atromg8, Switzerland

Blockchain platform focused on the security and privacy of users. This project is almost completely decentralized.

Crypto Village Accelerator, Italy-Slovenia-UAE

An ecosystem that helps promising startups to quickly raise the necessary funds and enter the market. Its mission is to promote young entrepreneurs and fight scam projects.

X10Agency, Russia

A cryptographic agency that attracts the most promising projects and promotes them in the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets.

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Bitit, France

Cryptocurrency exchange with encryption available from local currencies.

ECOSC, Malta

A platform that uses blockchain to trade different products through a transparent, decentralized ecosystem. It helps connect suppliers to customers and analyze supply and demand.

CryptoCompare, UK

The platform analyzes cryptocurrency data, helping to compare prices and analyze their changes in percentage terms.

Stox, Israel

Despite the judicial scandal with the investor, this Israeli project is interesting in that it allows you to bet on results in completely different areas of life. This is politics, weather, sports, and even finance. It works on the Ethereum blockchain and has its own token, with the help of which bets are made.

Geo Protocol, Ukraine

A project developing a single network that integrates blockchain with traditional financial systems. A very ambitious goal, which is designed to forever rethink the exchange of information in the world of finance.

The world of blockchain innovation is experiencing its peak, and not only Europe is preparing interesting projects. We can only observe what they will bring cryptocurrencies to the world and, if possible, invest in those that seem most interesting among the rest.

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