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Just transfer it: send cryptocurrency easily on BTC-Alpha

Just transfer it: send cryptocurrency easily on BTC-Alpha

Just transfer it: send cryptocurrency easily on BTC-Alpha

A new unique opportunity: today the BTC-Alpha cryptocurrency exchange integrated the functionality that many traders asked about. Now users of the trading platform can send assets between accounts through transfers. Transactions will be carried out instantly and, initially, without any fees.

What are transfers?
Transfers are a secure move of assets between traders within the exchange, which can be compared with the principles of bank transfers. The key difference between the internal transfer is that the transaction is processed immediately. Internal transfers are the product of the BTC-Alpha exchange's development, an analogue of which you will not find on other trading platforms at the moment.

What are the benefits of internal transfers?

When transferring, there is no need to wait for
confirmation of the operation on the blockchain.

No fees
To celebrate the launch — during the first month
you can send transfers with 0 % commission!

Send funds directly to the users of the exchange
and put a security code for additional protection.

How to make a transfer?
— Go to the Transfers tab in your account
— Choose the currency of your interest
— Enter the transfer amount you are going to send
— Enter the UID of the recipient to whom you are going to send funds
— Optionally, add a security code/activation period and/or a note to the transfer
— Click «Create Transfer»

Please note: when sending a transfer with a security code, you need to save the code for sharing yourself. Why is that? For security reasons, the BTC-Alpha exchange does not store security codes and does not display them in the transfers' history.

How to get a transfer?
— If you were sent a transfer without a security code, your balance will be replenished automatically. You will be notified of this via the email address provided during account registration.
— When receiving a transfer with a security code, go to the «Transfers» tab, in the transfers' history, click the «Accept» button, enter the security code (the sender must send it to you through any convenient communication channel), click the «Receive» button — the transfer will be completed, and your balance will be replenished.

Please note: if the transfer is not accepted by the recipient before the activation period indicated by the sender or the security code was entered more than 10 times incorrectly, the funds will be returned to the sender.

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How to cancel a transfer?
— Transfers without a security code and activation period are completed instantly and cannot be cancelled. Accordingly, you cannot return funds to the balance after sending. That is why we recommend that you carefully check the data before sending an instant transfer.
— If a security code has been set: the sender can cancel the transfer after the expiration of the activation period by the recipient or if the recipient has entered the wrong security code more than 10 times. In this case, to cancel the transfer, you need to go to the history of transfers and click the «Cancel» button.

Transfers are currently implemented only on BTC-Alpha and are extremely popular functionality among traders. If you have ideas on how to make this tool even more convenient — write to us about it in the community in Telegram. We will be glad to any feedback and we will answer everyone!

Did not find the information you are interested in regarding transfers? You can send a request for specialist assistance on the Support page or via [email protected]

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