2020-05-13 14:20:52

Important news from the Agrolot project

Important news from the Agrolot project

Dear users!

We bring to your attention the news from the Agrolot project. According to the team, Agrolot is approaching the next stage of its development. Given this, the project team initiated the token's swap. Please note that the BTC-Alpha exchange does not support this swap.

How can holders make an exchange?

The exchange of old tokens for new ones will take place on the Agrolot platform. The exchange period is 30 days, from 12/05/2020 to 06/11/2020 inclusive, the exchange will be performed with a ratio of 10:1 (10 old tokens for 1 new one).

To make an exchange, you need to register on agrolot.io, pass the KYC, deposit old tokens through the wallet tab and, following the instructions in your account, make an exchange. Today, at the request of the Agrolot team at BTC-Alpha, the old token was renamed into AGLTOLD and a new sample Agrolot token was integrated. BTC-Alpha will stop servicing the AGLTOLD token 10.06.2020 11:00 AM UTC.

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