| MLC | Mallcoin

Symbol: MLC

Official name: Mallcoin

Asset label: ERC20

Asset type: Token

Network: Ethereum

Purchases for different altcoins are not futurism anymore. It is everyday life thanks to FLOGmall. A new prosperous token is on BTC-Alpha.

Cryptocurrency ideas DO NOT RUN in modern world! Maybe these are big words but it is a fact. You can mine, profitably play on the course falling, buy and multiply, but you will not be able to do the main thing - to spend. To buy some daily life stuff for different altcoins you should withdraw it to fiat. It means commission, inconvenient exchangers and wasting time. We have a sure way to preserve your cryptocurrency savings and give at least some sense to all of this!

We got acquainted with FLOGmall not long ago. We paid attention to this project at once because this team assured everyone they could cope with all the difficulties of crypto-industry, they would be able to solve the problem of cryptocurrency unrelealization and these are not empty promises. During the eight months of the project's existence, FLOGmall had accumulated hundreds of publications in various Russian and foreign titles, a considerable community that accepted the idea and carried it to the masses was gathered, the team visited dozens of international conferences, aired on the information channel of Nasdaq (one of the largest American exchanges), and held a successful ICO! Let's turn to their idea!

FLOGmall is a mix of marketplace,a free bulletin board and services platform for sellers and buyers for cryptocurrency. This project was born to solve the cryptocurrency problems, it allows you to conduct all the operations without withdrawing the cryptocurrency to fiat money within one site, quickly, conveniently and safely! Why are we so confident in saying such big words? Because the idea of the project is ALREADY RUNNING!

Only during the ICO process FLOGmall had launched a working alpha version of the site, where every day daily goods purchases and sales are made for altcoins, which are already about 30 on the site. Moreover, everything can be sold: from cars and vital gadgets to underwear.

FLOGmall is an absolutely free resource with a user-friendly interface and the ability for everyone to start sales easily and smoothly from any corner of the Earth. By the way, the project launched its own sales on the platform with the help of the brand store called FLOGmall Store. Also, the platform has already implemented the format of free bulletin board, where people personally make transactions and earn cryptocurrency. Finally purchases for altcoins are taking shape, aren’t they?

FLOGmall collaborated with IT projects, with one of which they implement a global idea. In collaboration with the blockchain video hosting Viuly the project launches a new format of Livestore video stores, which allows a seller to present his business better, and as for a buyer - to get acquainted with the store visually and get a higher trust index..

We are pleased to inform our users that such a necessary project as FLOGmall and its mallcoin token (MLC) has been admitted to trading on BTC-Alpha in terms of two pairs MLC/BTC and MLC/ETH. It is especially nice that we are one of the first exchanges of the project, and now the FLOGmall community has another sure way to support the project and its upcoming token.

Purchases for cryptocurrency is not just an idea anymore! It is the reality, it is FLOGmall! Thanks to such projects that ‘infect’ millions of users with their ideology, the future of the crypto-industry is running! And this is exactly the push that the market needs now, so that in 5-10 years we could use cryptocurrency in everyday life as easily as we use mastercard now.

In short, we say to FLOGmall - welcome to BTC-Alpha, live long and prosper! Well, friends, buy MLC, and let buying goods for cryptocurrency become a reality!


Do you know what surprise FLOGmall together with BTC-Alpha uncorked for you? We have reported that the beginning of trading for MLC token on BTC-Alpha will take place on 13 September at 14:00 Moscow time. By no means we want the second MLC listing pass unnoticed. That is why we have prepared a contest for the active community. We have 10 prizes. The duration of the contest is 60 days. Each user has an opportunity to participate. Even if you purchase just 1 MLC on the BTC-Alpha stock exchange, you're on board! Now a bit more about the prizes and conditions of 4 competitions from FLOGmall. Well, control your emotions, please… So, the 10 prizes are divided between the 4 competitions and unlimited number of users from all over the world.

Prizes provided by FLOGmail:

FLOGmall counts only on the wide audience. So, to get into each segment for sure, we have divided the contest game into four different competitions.

To take part in the contest you should do the following:

  1. Register at https://btc-alpha.com/
  2. Take part in any of the 4 competitions.
  3. One user can be a participant of all the competitions at the same time.
The results of the contest will be published on September 13 (+60 days). All the winners will be selected by means of the randomizer service https://randstuff.ru/number/, except for the winner of the Contest #2, who will make the largest single purchase of MLC tokens on the exchange.

Time is running out, guys! Forward to new achievements! Register at BTC-Alpha exchange, participate in active trades for MLC! After all, only the most active Becker can win a bunch of prizes and get a shock dose of endorphin. With the help of FLOGmall!